Dogs on prowl, sticking garbage heaps: Is SMC in deep slumber?

There have been many complaints from the residents of city outskirts especially Umarabad, Mustafaabad and Shalteng areas about the stray dogs making it impossible for them to step outside.

In addition to this there are heaps of garbage lying on the streets unattended in these areas, with no presence of garbage dumpers.

Residents of Umarabad area allege that given the fact that the area has got ample free space, “numerous stray dogs were dropped off here in last week and these dogs are on prowl, making it difficult for residents to come out, especially during late hours.”

When contacted commissioner, SMC, Shafqat Khan, he said that “the corporation will be taking serious measures to tackle with the dog menace,” however, as of now, dog menace in the area is posing serious threats to the local population and currently the corporation is not taking any measures to tackle the dog menace and the garbage mismanagement in the area.

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