Revenue Officers provide 1600 certificates in PSGA camps

In a series of 12 camps organized by Revenue officers more than 1600 certificates were issued to applicants of various villages across district Rajouri.

The field camps were headed by SDMs, Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars for issuing certificates and providing services under PSGA as well as redressing public grievances.

Department organized 12 camps at Kalakote, Leeran, Kotedhara, Darhal, Khwas, Tryath, Siot, Beripattan, Mangota, Saaj during last one week. A total of 1611 certificates and revenue extracts were issued to the applicants apart from disposal of nearly 75 complaints.

The services provided on spot include 426 Caste certificates , 368 Permanent Resident Certificates, 175 RBA certificates, 214 mutations attested, 43 voter list additions, 114 revenue extracts, 101 seasonal permits, 118 income certificates, 45 marriage registration, 80 Aadhar card verification and 27 character certificates.

The camps were organised by SDM Kalakote, Tehsildars Darhal, Thanamandi, Rajouri, Siot, Beripattan and Khwas. Tehsildar Thanamandi Shahid Iqbal issued maximum certificates during the week at field camps including 175 RBA certificates and 250 caste certificates.

The camps are being held under a month-long district-wide campaign for providing services at village level. Revenue Department under supervision of Deputy Commissioner, Rajouri is providing services like permanent resident certificates, ST/SC/OBC/RBA certificates, attestation of mutation, revenue extracts, income certificates, registration of marriages, income certificates and other services at village level for better public service delivery, transparency and prompt grievance redressal.

During the current month a total of 112 camps are aimed to be organized out of which 12 camps have been organized so far.

SDMs will further hold monthly grievance redressal camps to hear complaints regarding various services under Public Services Guarantee Act. As per the calendar issued 4 camps each will be attended by Deputy Commissioner Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary and Additional Deputy Commissioner randomly. DIO NIC Rajouri is maintaining the documentation of services being provided which will enable review and further planning for organizing camps in different areas.

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