State sponsored tactics won’t make us surrender: Hurriyat leaders

Resistance leaders Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik, Saturday, said in a joint statement said that Indian government is frustrated to the extent that they frame and arrest the pro-freedom leaders and activists so that they stop voicing the sentiments of their nation.

 “All these state sponsored tactics won’t deter us from pursuing our mission, nor these coercions, suppressive and aggressive measures will make us to surrender”, the statement issued by the resistance leadership noted. “ Indian agencies under well thought out plan are desperate to malign and defame our sacred movement”, the estatment read, adding that leadership was warning India that these inhuman, immoral and undemocratic tactics will not deter the pro-freedom people from advocating their just cause.

“The current raids being conducted by Indian NIA and the hype and sensationalism around it just goes on to show the desperate attempt by government of India to vilify and discredit the resistance leadership and in turn discredit the people’s freedom movement”, they said.

 Leadership said while India openly admits to being at war with the people of Kashmir and subjects them to state oppression, it has simultaneously launched a propaganda war to discredit leadership and people’s struggle for which tremendous sacrifices have been made.

 Geelani, Mirwaiz and Malik said, that such propaganda wars always meet the same end that fascist propagandas wars of Hitler and Mussolini met with in the past. Leadership said all these shameful attempts are revenge against the people of Kashmir and its leadership will in no way dent their commitment to their just cause or distance the people from the resistance leadership

Our nation is being humiliated, brutally killed and now leadership is being just targeted because they exposed brutalities perpetrated by its brutal forces and after miserably and humiliatingly failing to curb and contain the current mass uprising by all the military might they feel defeated and hence opted for such unscrupulous means.

 It is a mischievous ploy to change the narrative about Kashmir issue and as such frivolous charges are framed against leadership that exposed Indian sponsored terrorism in occupied state, said leadership in their join statement.

Raiding residences and implicating resistance leadership in false cases is a futile exercise to conceal and hide their war crimes, said joint leadership.

Reacting sharply over raids conducted by National Investigation Agency (NIA), the statement said that they have been given this task just to drag and involve leadership into these fabricated cases, thereby pressurizing the leadership.

However, it is their frustration and we will continue to pursue our cause and won’t budge in front of such dogmatic elements. said they.

Leadership is being harassed, terrorized and false cases filed against them and even threatened to open those old cases in which judiciaries have bailed them out.

Leadership while divulging the war crimes committed by Indian forces, said that it is a global village and a video clip wherein a major tying a youth as human shield has gone viral and now India stands accountable in international forums for such heinous crimes.

 It is blackmailing, a ploy and a character assassination campaign against leadership so that they surrender and stop voicing the sentiments of their nation, thereby covering and shielding their atrocities and barbarism against common and unarmed people, leadership said.

leadership accused Indian authorities for disturbing trade and business community and said that they feel very desperate to cripple our economy and to see us with a begging bowl in our hand.

They don’t want us to see a prosperous nation and are annoyed with our flourishing business activities, said leadership and blamed Indian authorities for pushing state to stone age and to accomplish their designs are raiding respectable business community.

The leadership warned Delhi of dire consequences if all these harassing measures are not stopped forthwith and said that if these unnecessary raids are not stopped, people will take to streets and resent these arbitrary measures with their full might and will.

Leadership once again warned authorities and asked to desist from misadventure and said   that they will never be able to dent the commitment and resolve of people as they have failed to do so in past as well.

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