Indian Army Chief shows ‘Criminal Leadership’ : Human Rights Watch Executive Director

While reacting to the statement of Indian army chief Bipin Rawat on  “Human Shield” issue, Human Rights Watch Executive Director Keneth Roth on Monday in his tweet said that Indian Army Chief shows ‘Criminal Leadership”.

Indian army chief, Sunday had termed the act of strapping a Kashmiri to an army Jeep as “innovative” and had said that commending the Army officer was to boost the morale of his army which, as per him, is fighting a “dirty war” in Kashmir.

On April 09, the day of Srinagar by-election, an army major Leetul Gogoi strapped a Kashmiri Shawl weaver to a front of an army Jeep as a human shield and paraded him through many villages in Beerwah area of Central part of Kashmir’s Budgam district.

Couple of weeks ago Punjab chief Minister Amrinder Singh wrote an article in Indian Express commending army major for his act and asked that he should be rewarded, and later it came to fore that that army has rewarded the major for his role in counterinsurgency operations. 

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