Centre backs Army Chief on ‘fighting dirty war in Kashmir with innovation’

Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Monday  said that he agrees with the Army Chief Bipin Rawat’s  statement that ‘the dirty war in Jammu and Kashmir calls for innovation’.

Naidu was referring to the Army Chief’s statement in which he had backed Major Gogoi’s act of tying a Kashmiri man to the bonnet of his jeep and using him as ‘human shield’.

”While referring to the incident where a youth was tied with the bonnet of the jeep by the Army major on Apr 9, General Rawat said, the troops need innovative ways to fight against the “dirty war”in the region.

Backing Rawat’s statement, Naidu took to Twitter to express his view on the issue.

“Totally agree with #IndianArmy chief’s statement that the dirty war in Jammu and Kashmir calls for innovation,” Naidu tweeted while quoting a news daily article.

Pertinently, the human shield incident had triggered  outrage in Kashmir.

The incident had deepened the army-civilian divide and sparked violent protests in the whole valley.

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