Chavan remains tight-lipped over commendation to Army major

Blaming central and the state government for the current deteriorating situation in the Valley, the senior Congress leader and former chief minister Maharashtra, Prithvi Raj Chavan Friday remained tight lipped over the commendation to Army major who used a Kashmiri youth as human shield on Apr 09.

Addressing a press conference here at a local hotel, Chavan said that Government of India and the state government are responsible for the current deteriorating situation in the Valley. “The current situation in the Valley is very bad as compared to the situation I saw in the past,” he said.

He asked both the governments deal with the situation and bring normalcy here.

Chavan remained tight-lipped over the commendation to an Army major who used a youth as human shield. “I heard that the Chief Minister has ordered inquiry in the incident. The investigation is yet to be completed and it is too early to speak over the issue and let the investigation be completed first.”

“The government has adopted muscular policy over the resolution of Kashmir issue. The Congress party when in rule tried to reach out to the people of all shades to resolve the issue,” he said

Saying that the party high command has constituted a group, which would discuss every issue confronting the people of Kashmir, “The group under the leadership of former Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh will try to reach out to the people and will try to find out the way to resolve the Kashmir issue,” he added.

He also ruled out the senior Congress leader’s visit to Valley as the Congress delegation. “Mani Shankar has visited the Valley and met the Hurriyat leaders as the head of NGO,” he added.

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