Don’t need lessons from BJP, says NC

National Conference (NC), on Thursday, lashed out at BJP leader Dr. Jitender Singh and said faces and voices of repeated communal conspiracies against Kashmir shouldn’t talk of stability and peace.

NC state spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said that the people of the state haven’t forgotten and are well aware of Dr. Jitendra Singh’s communal and venomous role in engineering the economic and logistical blockade of Kashmir valley in 2008.

“National Conference doesn’t need certificates of morality from those who rose to power by dividing the people of the state on regional and religious lines. We have always – while in power and while in the opposition – advocated that the Kashmir issue requires a political solution,” the NC state spokesperson said.

The NC state spokesperson said, “Whatever the reason, Dr. Jitender Singh would do well for his own sense of perspective to try and acquaint himself with facts. Half-truths might be acceptable within the BJP but don’t have many takers outside of the party.”

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