Suvojit Bagchi delivers lecture to DCJ students

Department of Convergent Journalism (DCJ), Central University of Kashmir (CUK) organised an interaction session of students with Kolkata bureau chief of ‘The Hindu’, Suvojit Bagchi.


Suvojit spoke about the emerging trends in journalism, particularly on digital platforms. He referred to various challenges faced by journalists in the wake of the growing reach and influence of social media. He stressed on the need for journalism students to learn working on multiple platforms. Suvojit also dealt in detail with different issues like authentication and credibility of information generated on social media.


Suvojit shared interesting information about the share and influence of media conglomerates on the online audience.


Suvojit comes with a vast experience of over 20 years, working for organizations such as Ananda Bazar Patrika in Kolkata and BBC World Service in New Delhi for many years. He has reported from various parts of India and abroad.


Assistant Professor, DCJ, Dr. Suhail Ahmad moderated the session.

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