Human shield issue: AIP chief flays honouring of Major Gogoi

AIP supremo and MLA Langate, Er Rasheed, on Tuesday, criticised the honouring of Major Leetu Gogoi by Army, who had used Farooq Dar as a human shield.

He said that instead of punishing, Army is honouring those who are violating human rights. Awarding a criminal minded Army officer is shameful, it has shaken the faith of Kashmiris in Army as an institution and it has dented India’s image.”

Speaking at a round table conference at Srinagar, which was attended by politicians, civil society members, journalists and other dignitaries, Er Rasheed said that these conferences yield nothing except strengthening the status quo on Kashmir issue.

“Do all Indians know what Kashmiris want and what Kashmir issue is about? Kashmiris have lost faith in the institution of dialogue. Kashmiris will never beg for talks and a day will come when New Delhi will come bare footed for talks as it cannot run away from the realities always.

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