Honoring army officer is shameful, looking towards ICJ to intervene:  Hurriyat

Terming the honoring of an Indian army officer accused of using a civilian as human shield as a shameful act, Hurriyat today said that they are looking of International Court of Justice to intervene.

“Honoring such an officer clearly vindicates our claim that this is state sponsored policy and if not stopped it will prove detrimental for human lives,” Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani said. He further said that ICJ should take Suo Moto action and punish erring forces officer.

It is ridiculous to award said officer for the insensitive human shield incident. It is not an exemplary act, said Geelani while ridiculing Indian politicians for showering their favors on erring officer and their misinterpretation of a ‘gruesome’ incident.  Geelani said that if International Court of justice can intervene in Kul Bhoshan case and as such there are sound ground and valid proof for human shield incident for ICJ to deliver justice.

Syed Ali Geelani while commenting over the intervention of international forums, said that they need to take cognizance and without any discrimination deliver justice to uphold the sanctity and dignity of human values.

Meanwhile, Hurriyat conference in a statement criticized bollywood film actor Paresh Rawal for his remarks against writer and activist Arundhati Roy wherein he had said that she should have been tied to the army Jeep. 

“It is disheartening that forces, media, and judiciary and now the film industry is promoting fanatical dogma. If this trend is not stopped forthwith, it will prove fatal and disastrous for India,” Ayaz Akbar, Hurriyat Spokesman said.


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