Opinion: ‘Militarization v/s Humanization’

No human being can grow in absence of peace and to achieve peace needs resolution of issues and problems. When people of Jammu and Kashmir start to aspire for overall development they unfortunately find themselves holed up in a situation characterized with absence of peace.
Peace exists in paradise and it is absent in hell. One who works for peace actually works for making situation conducive for all, like paradise. One who goes against peace desires to push people towards hell (God forbid).
When we wish for resolution of problems why we sometimes collectively intentionally or unintentionally loss sense to behave like civilized society. We (one and all) must be concerned for peace as peaceful condition can pave way for understanding and identifying the roads leading to resolution process. We all advocate for peaceful, democratic, political resolution of problems. When such is our psychological approach, what makes us to support other means?
This is what we need to give serious thought to.
July 8th 2016, is the best example we can quote to discuss the situation. In an encounter, Hizbul Commander Burhan Wani was killed who was known fighting for resolution of Kashmir issue militarily (violent means). After this news broke, the separatist leadership called for a general strike on 9th July.
People generally and youth particularly in South Kashmir erupted against this killing. Can one ask a question what was a strike called for, why people erupted in such numbers with unexpected behavior? There can be two possible cases, either the leadership understood and respected the aspiration of people and people too adhered to their call. Or did both these two parties found no possible democratic and peaceful way to deal with the problem.
Here, no thought is in mind to disrespect the people’s decision. Only complaint is that have we lost the patience and understanding to respect the aspiration of other people who cannot think resolution of problems but peacefully. Purpose is to give reason that if political leadership and people in Kashmir support military means, what can be the reason of a desire to see government and people of India not supporting Indian armed forces presence in Kashmir?
We have to be sensible, peaceful, political and above all moralistic and humanistic. No phenomena other than humanization and moralization should work. We see other phenomenological orders are taking roots in our society which actually and ultimately prove disorders.
If we are of the view that our opponent is not behaving politically and goes for violent means to suppress genuine voice. Does that mean we too should adopt violent behavior to fight violence? Violence gives fearful and dreadful death. While as, peace gives life with satisfaction. Nobody wants to be victim of fear. Everyone loves life and that too with peace.
No civilized nation adopts methodology shrinking and killing cultural ethos and moral values. Violence always chokes the voice of civilized. Numbers don’t matter when few stand to save ethics. Majority has to give ear to minority when truth with logic is spoken. No military means and stone pelting methods are civilized because these are meant for violence. Civilizations always stood against violence. Our nation genuinely is among civilized ones.
It never can absorb violence and violent elements. Soil of my nation will be weeping and crying over our conditions and behaviors. No kind of violence whether militarization or stone-peltisation can be the order of my motherland. Problems come and go, but peaceful and moderate progressive civilization remains there. Violence brings dark phases which we should fight with bright chapters of our civilization. Our society witness new phenomena after 8th July episode which we can describe as Burhanisation/Militarization.
Much humbly it is submitted that militarization, stone-peltisation or strikisation cannot be order of my motherland. If we think it is a noble way then we must be ready to see fearful phases. We might be called cowards, but we should not give our opponents excuse to harm us by provoking them violently. We must prefer life over resolution of problem. Life can sometime help us to lead towards path of resolution process. It’s something which our civilization and faith has always taught us.
Our opponents can disagree with us and might even think to hit us. But we have strong conviction that our civilization and faith will keep our opponents guiding.

(The views expressed by the author are his own. Kashmir Vision does not necessarily subscribe to the views expressed by the writer)

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