CAD-CAM machine installed

A CAD-CAM (Computer aided designing and computer aided milling) machine was installed at a city clinic here.

The machine first of its type in North India and first time in the state of Jammu and Kashmir being also as 5 axis machine was installed in Gulshan Dental Laboratory Srinagar.

“In Jammu and Kashmir there was no such facility available to the patients here,” a statement issued by the dental clinic said.

Terming it as a latest and advanced technology introduced in Jammu and Kashmir, the Principal/ Dean (Government dental college and Hospital)said that CAD-CAM is a computer machine used to fabricated Zirconia Crowns and bridges, implant crown and abutments and other dental related prosthesis in a precise, fast and digital way.

The Principal termed it as the need of the hour to benefit the patients by Providing mettle free Crown and Bridges as replacement to metal based crowns and bridges such that improve the aesthetics and fit of the crowns.

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