Rainawari residents demand better roads

Inhabitants of Mir Behri, Rainawari Friday staged a protest against Roads and Buildings (R&B) department for failing to repair dilapidated road from Kani Kachi to Moti Mohalla (Tourist spot) in the area.


The protesters who held a peaceful protest at Saidakadal, Hazratbal Road alleged that the road from Kani Kachi to Moti Mohalla (Tourist spot) is in shambles for a long time while the authorities are not taking heed to the sufferings of the people.


“As the area is near Dal Lake, the frequent floods have made the condition of the road very bad which has resulted in the immense hardships to the commuters,” the protesters said


The protesters said that the pedestrians particularly children, students, Patients, pregnant women and old people have to face immense hardships while travelling through the road.


“In 2012, due to the lack of proper road, two children became the victims of fatality when they fell in the water. Their lives could have been saved, had there been proper road to ferry them to the hospital on time,” protesters added


They said that after the incident, government came into action and started repairing the road. But the authorities managed to repair the road only up to Kani Kachi Bridge and work is moving at Snail’s pace after that.


The protesters appealed to the authorities to repair the road on priority basis.

“We are giving fifteen days ultimatum to the concerned authorities to start work on the road as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will be forced to block Saidakadal – Rainawari Road and Nishat Foreshore Road for indefinite period,” protesters said


Meanwhile, Chief Engineer, R&B department, Abdul Hameed Sheikh said that he had no information about the issue and he will confirm it first.


“I don’t know exactly what the issue is all about. I will confirm it first and then look into the matter,” he said.

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