‘Sting Op’ on Hurriyat Leaders reveals dark underbellies

A national news channel on Tuesday aired a sting operation showing senior Hurriyat leaders acknowledging that they have been receiving money across the border to “keep the unrest going” in Kashmir.


The sting operation showed Nayeem Khan, President, Jammu and Kashmir National President and senior leader of Hurriyat Conference, Farooq Ahmad Dar (Bitta Karatey), Chairman JKLF (R) and  Gazi Javeed Baba, leader Tehreek-e-Hurriyat acknowledging the same.


As per the news channel that aired the ‘operation’ said that “two of its reporters reportedly met these Hurriyat leaders in New Delhi and informed them that they were the ‘Corporate Lobbyists’ seeking to ‘topple’ state government.” The reporters, who carried out the sting, as per the news channel, told these leaders “how much money would they take to start a new uprising in the state, so that the government is toppled and their interests are secured.”


The sting operation shows that Nayeem Khan is accepting that they “burned down the schools in Kashmir”, saying, “You have to create chaos, and for that you have to do such acts. I am personally against burning the hospitals, but at times that too happens.” Adding that “government buildings and police stations are also destroyed,” with no remorse for those who lost their lives during the turmoil.


Sting shows JKLF (R) Chairman, Farooq Ahmad Dar saying that: “we have got the youth and, and depending upon the influx of money we receive, they can be mobilized.”

Another person namely Gazi Javeed Baba saying that: “we have to take care of shopkeepers and transporters, and depending upon the amount of money we receive, we can prolong the uprising.” Javeed is said to be an activist of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat.


The sting has raised serious questions on the credibility of Hurriyat leaders, as they are shown accepting the fact that “they were given the money to make things ugly in Kashmir.”


As of now, the Joint Resistance Leadership has not responded to the sting operation, with many saying that “forget about the authenticity of the sting, the leaders should have come forward and helped in eliminating the confusion that has engulfed the population.”

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