Commuters face inconvenience due to defacement of Sgr-Leh highway

The frequent and unplanned digging by cellular companies has caused extensive damage to Srinagar-Leh road in Ganderbal besides increasing chances of mishaps.

The locals from various areas of Ganderbal district said that cellular companies resort to the road digging to lay the 4G/3G cables which is putting the commuters through grave inconveniences.

After the roads are dug by the companies, they fail to repair them as major stretches of the road lie in dilapidated condition.

“While roads in Ganderbal district are already in dilapidated condition, the cellular  companies are compounding the problems of people by digging roads for laying cables and subsequently the companies do not bother to repair them,” said a local resident.

He added that the frequent digging of the Srinagar-Leh road leads to the traffic jams in the area. 

Locals said these companies are resorting to unplanned digging. The local Authorities have failed to take any action against the cellular companies due to which people are facing inconvenience,’’ said another local resident of Kangan.

Sources said that the cellular companies are violating the ‘Right of Way Act’ which envisages that these telecom companies have to repair roads dug by them failing which  the concerned agency which is maintaining the road will initiate action against them by imposing heavy fines.


Beacon officials admitted that the digging of road by various cellular companies is causing damage to the road infrastructure.

“The Beacon has asked the concerned companies to ensure that the debris and waste material is immediately disposed off by the companies at their own cost. We have asked the companies to carry out manual work and have prohibited use of heavy machinery,” an official said.

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