Block Dachnipora violates all norms, work worth lakhs goes on  three steel bridges without tenders

In violation of all the orders and norms construction work on three bridges is going in Dachnipora block of south Kashmir’s Anantnag district without tenders.

The construction work at Sirhama  Vidday Sirgufwara, Mehand, Sirgufwara is going on despite no proper orders from the authorities.

According to the sources, the cost of  the work at steel bridge at Sirhama is 35 lakh,  at Vidday Sirgufwara 20 lakh, Mehand Sirgufwara is also about 20 lakh.

However no tender notice was issued for any of the above mentioned works.

As per government circular there must be tender of every work where cost of work is more than 3 lakh.

Locals have alleged that neither Panchayat body has approved these works nor locals were taken into confidence as there wasn’t any Gram Sabha. The funds for all the bridges were under 13th FCA/convergence.

Locals have also alleged that contractor is non local having political approach.

“We want to know how he was allowed to work here without convincing locals”, Locals said.

The people also alleged that some officials of Block office Dachnipora also involved in this scam.

Locals demanded that a commission must be framed who will enquire all the aspects of the violation, so that violaters will be put behind bars.

Kashmir Vision contacted Assistant REW sub division Dachnipora, he said, “it is responsibility of Block Development Officer (BDO) and you must ask him”.

However when Kashmir Vision contacted then contacted concerned BDO several times, however he didn’t pick up call.

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