BJP indulging in exploitative politics to hide its failure: Rana

Lashing out at BJP for betraying Jammu people after seeking mandate on false promises, National Conference (NC) Tuesday said that the party is indulging in exploitative politics to hide its failure.

According to the statement issued here, NC also expressed concern over governance deficit, administrative inertia, developmental break-down and irreparable dent to communal harmony caused during the past over two and half years.

In a series of resolutions, adopted at a day-long convention at Sher-e-Kashmir Bhavan, NC said, “Together with PDP, the BJP has brought Jammu and Kashmir to such a morass, exit from which appears remote.”

The convention was presided over by the Provincial President, Devender Singh Rana.

Jammu based senior functionaries of NC, District Presidents and District Secretaries of the province were also present in the convention.

Rana while reflecting broad contours of the political resolutions, discussed and passed during the convention said, “To hide its failures and to divert the attention of people from real issues, the BJP is indulging in exploitative politics, generating animosity between various segments of society and working on trifurcation of the State.” 

He said a deliberate attempt is being made to sow the seeds of discord in order to keep the bogey of Hindutava alive.

“BJP doesn’t believe in governance or pushing forward the agenda of development, as it has benefitted from communal politics, which it feels will continue to derive benefits and bail out the party during elections,” he said.

Rana cautioned the BJP to desist from any misadventure of dividing the people or changing the singular profile of the State, saying the NC has and will maintain regional unity and communal harmony, whatever the costs.

He asserted the commitment of the party towards unity of the State and asked the BJP to desist from its sinister machinations.

“On the one hand, the BJP is creating fear psychosis under the garb of ultra-nationalism and on the other hand it is working towards isolation of India in the comity of nations due to its foreign policy failure”, he said and referred to hostile neighbourhood, without mentioning China and Pakistan.

He expressed grave apprehensions about national security under the BJP.

Elaborating the resolutions, Rana expressed concern of the National Conference over border shelling and failure of the government in instilling sense of security among the dwellers by not constructing bunkers and safe shelter units.

He said thousands of people have been uprooted from their homes, who are in lurch, as the government has failed in providing credible boarding and lodging facilities.

NC Provisional President expressed grief over loss of several lives and expressed solidarity with bereaved families.

He reminded the PDP-BJP dispensation of the promises they had made over two and half years ago and said the people of Jammu and Kashmir were at the receiving end due to worsening Indo-Pak relations.

On the collapse of administrative apparatus with regard to development and ensuring utility services, the Provincial President said that while various projects are starving for funds, the payments under NREGA remain unpaid.

Similarly, according to him, the problems of daily rated workers and other segments of employees are yet to be sorted out. “The insensitive government has failed in releasing salaries and wages to the employees and work force,” Rana said.

He said the scenario on utility services front is pathetic, as the people are reeling under heat wave in the absence of power and drinking water faculties.

Rana said the ration at the CAPD outlets is inadequate at most of the places while the rationees have been denied sugar and kerosene quota for months together.

Provisional President blamed the PDP-BJP coalition for completely ignoring Poonch and Rajouri district besides the entire Chenab Valley.

He said the people of these areas, as also those living in remote areas of Kathua and other districts of the region are suffering on account of minimum basics.

Rana said the ‘insensitive’ government has also ignored weaker sections of the society including those belonging to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Other Backward Classes.

Asserting the commitment of NC to regional and religious unity in Jammu and Kashmir, Devender Singh said that the party cadre was prepared for any sacrifice to nurture and sustain this glorious legacy.

He warned the BJP not to test the commitment of people to secular bonding and desist from sowing seeds of discontent and discord.

Earlier, the delegates from districts dwelt in detail on the current situation prevailing across the Jammu region and expressed concern over growing problems confronted to the people.

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