India cannot run away from talks, says Shah

Chairman of Democratic Freedom Party Shabir Ahmad Shah, while impressing upon the need of dialogue for the resolution of Kashmiri issue, on Monday said New Delhi has to follow a middle path and start a new beginning.

“India’s adamant policies are main reason of present chaos uncertainty in the subcontinent which is pushing world to the brink of war,” Shah said in a statement.

He said that Kashmir is an “internationally accepted dispute” and New Delhi cannot change the reality through “military might and other deceitful tactics.” Adding that: “India’s unwillingness and stubbornness has not only robbed Kashmiris of their birth right of self-determination but has been carrying out worst kind of human rights violations.”

Terming the stand of the people of Jammu Kashmir as “right”, he said that “despite unimaginable oppression on the population, they have remained firm in demanding the right of self-determination.”

Reminding New Delhi that it cannot run away from talks and deliberations, Shah said “tripartite dialogue or the implementation of the U.N. resolutions is inevitable for the resolution of Kashmir dispute and India cannot run away from talks”

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