Zakir Musa thanks Al- Qaeda for their support

Zakir Musa, who recently left HM, has in a third video vowed to continue his fight against India.

The transcript of the video is

I want to thank everyone who without understanding anything pointed fingers at me. Every Muhajid wants the same thing, I talked about. They follow the same path. I request everybody to be united and we need not to be nationalists. Perhaps I was not worthy to be a commander,  I hope Allah willing, they will send you a very good commander. The Indian agencies will want to take advantage of our differences and I want to make some things clear here. Neither we have extorted money from somebody; neither will we do it in future. Anybody who asks money in my name, you should understand that he is an Indian stooge. We will release video like we did in past whenever we have to kill somebody, so that nobody can create rift between us. I am with those who stand for Shariya and martyrdom. In a special mention, he thanked Al-Qaeda who stood by our stand. We are with them and they have stood by us. I don’t need your support. Don’t need lecture, when you sit on high chairs. Referring to Kashmiri Taliban and Harkat ul Mujahideen, he said that If they are intelligence agenicies, then I want to tell them that you can’t fool us. In the video he also praises Afzal Guru, who was against the secularism.

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