BJP trying to divide us, says Gujjar-Bakerwal leaders

Gujjar and Bakerwal Students Association Saturday alleged that BJP is dividing people in the state.

Youth leaders Zahid Parwaz Choudhary and Choudhary Fayaz Karnahi said, “We appeal to BJP to not divide us. We are one and will remain one in future too. We are being evicted by BJP leaders from our respective lands where we have been living since decades. Several have been made homeless and landless.”

“We are still waiting for the implementation of Forest Right Act in the state, which has been implemented across the nation except Jammu and Kashmir. Sixty-years have passed and we are still waiting for political reservation in the state. People who are SC are enjoying same rights in the state but we are being ignored by the politicians. Our people do not have any land for agriculture and have no land to construct houses,” they said.

Questioning the present government they said, “We want to know why the process of settlement of our people is not being initiated by the government.”

 “BJP can’t provide us security, we are being harassed by gau rakshaks,” the leaders alleged.

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