Sopore residents face traffic fury, appeal authorities for intervention

Passengers and commuters in Sopore in Baramulla are aghast with the administration and traffic police for failing to manage the vehicular flow in the town.

The aggrieved residents said that increased traffic flow and lack of traffic management have made their travel difficult.

Fayaz Ahmad, a resident of Sopore said that he is unable to reach his workplace in time due to massive traffic jams in the town. He said that the traffic police has forgotten to manage vehicular movement in the town. “It takes me an hour to travel a distance of several meters by car, which can be covered in minutes,” he added.

Besides the absence of traffic police, the encroachment of roads by vendors, shopkeepers have reduced space for vehicles.

The locals said that the municipal committee of the town has failed to remove encroachments of the roads by the vendors and shopkeepers. Meanwhile, businessmen of the town said that the traffic jams have hit the trade in the town.

“There is no proper arrangement by traffic police to control the traffic jam. Also, the town does not have a proper parking space. The public transporters stop the bus anywhere on the road. They stop the vehicles in middle of the road which blocks vehicular movement,” said trader Muhammad Ashraf.

Due to the absence of proper traffic management several patients have had a bad experience. “My son who was suffering from severe heartburn was admitted to Sopore hospital and the doctors referred him to SKIMS Srinagar. Due to heavy traffic jam we had to wait for such a long time on the road. No traffic policemen were on duty, who could have controlled the haphazard parking and traffic flow,” Syeda, mother of the patient said.

She said that our vehicle could move only when a young man volunteered to clear the traffic.

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