Unique protest against axing of Chinars held


People belonging to different walks of the life Friday held a unique protest against the axing of Chinars in the city.

Depicting the protest as a unique one, the protesters held a session of Kashmiri songs, discussion and speeches on the preservation of Chinars.   

The peaceful protest that took place outside the office of Chinar Development Board Polo Ground here was held by a group of entrepreneurs, students, writers and members of the civil society.

Javid Parsa, a young entrepreneur of the city who was also the part of the protest said the aim of holding this unique protest was to give a message to the authorities.

“It is seems that the authorities are in deep slumber. We held this unique protest to make them wake up to the issue,” Parsa said.

“We held a singing session of Kashmiri songs based on the axing down of the Chinars. Besides, we held discussions and speeches were delivered by the experts,” Parsa added.

Zareef Ahmad Zareef, a Kashmiri writer and environmentalist said that axing the Chinars trees means destroying our future.

“Chinars are our Identity. But it is very unfortunate that the policy makers have failed to save our heritage,” Zareef said.


Jagmohan Singh Raina, Chairman All Party Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) who was present in protest said that saving the Chinars should be our first priority.

Abdul Hameed, well known by the name ‘tree man of Kashmir’ said: “It is very unfortunate that our educated officers don’t know the importance of the Chinars. Instead of cutting them, they should plant them,” he said.

Many of the protesters on the occasion went live on the social networking site facebook expressing their anguish against the step taken by the authorities.

The authorities these days are busy in axing the Chinars between Radio Kashmir junction and MA Road for constructing the grade separator on this stretch.

It is pertinent to mention here that authorities few days back axed the 300 years old Chinar tree at TRC here.

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