Tiny Tots School organises Workshop

A one day workshop on Healthy Life Style was organized at Tiny Tots Hr sec School. The workshop was conducted by Dr Rekha Harish, Head Department of Paediatrics GMC Jammu and her team of doctors comprising of Dr Sharma, Dr Rajinder Singh and others.

During the course of the workshop, Dr Rekha highlighted the daily requirement of Calories by a normal individual.

She also highlighted the calorie intake of the children these days by the consumption of junk food and aerated drinks.

Dr. Rekha also highlighted the ill effects on the growth due to continuing consumption of these foods. Dr Rekha spoke about the marketing strategies and gimmicks used by companies to lure kids and parents to use these products.

Later she and her team explained the importance of a healthy diet and the types of food to be taken by youngsters for their optimal growth. She also advised the students and as to what kind of foods are detrimental to their health.

Importance of exercise was highlighted by her team and the types of exercise that a health individual requires was also explained to the students.

The students and the staff members of the school highly appreciated the efforts of Dr Rekha and her team of doctors for taking up such a noble cause of enlightening the public about following the healthy lifestyles for better living.

Also present during the workshop were Dr Vikram Handa, the Principal of Tiny Tots Hr Sec School and Gurpreet Handa, the Director of the School.

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