Yasin Malik condemns the arrest of Asiya Andrabi

Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik today strongly condemn the arrest of Dukhatran-e-milat chief Asiya Andrabi.

In a press statement issued today, Yasin Malik said, “New reign of terror unleashed throughout Kashmir valley is a manifestation of what so-called chief minister has pledged to his masters in Delhi”.

While condemning the nocturnal raid and arrest of Dukktaran I Millat chief Syeda Asiya Andrabi and her associate Fehmeeda Sofi, JKLF chairman said that raiding an ailing leader is nothing but police terrorism of worst kind.

JKLF chairman said that forces have been told to restraint but actually the policy derived was to increase efforts to crush people through police and military might.  

Malik also condemn nocturnal raids and arrest of young boys in many villages of Central and South Kashmir.

 “The police and forces are using third degree torture against arrested students and a new ugly phenomenon of terrorizing the parents of school and college going youth especially those belonging to Sher-I-Khas is going on,”  JKLF chairman said.

He said that parents are being called to police stations and humiliated and terrorized by police and authorities.

JKLF chairman said that politics of deceit and suppression will never succeed in breaking the will of people of Jammu Kashmir who will continue their struggle till the achievement of freedom.

Malik also condemned attack on Moulana Sarjan Barkati who was ‘attacked by Shopian police after presenting him in the court’.

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