Students at KU complain of unnecessary pestering  

Students at University of Kashmir on Wednesday complained that the varsity was not helping the students by asking them to apply for new gate passes for their vehicles.

Students told ‘Kashmir Vision’ that last month the authorities had directed them to apply for the new gate passes for their respective vehicles.

“There we have to pay Rs 100 and have to complete other formalities too which is a hectic process,” a delegation of students said.

“We have been asked by authorities that if we didn’t apply for the gate passes, our vehicles will not be allowed inside the campus. It is injustice with us,” they alleged.

“Why will we pay Rs 100 to them? Earlier they used to allow us on our Identity Cards, now ID cards didn’t mean anything to them,” students said adding that we have already paid hefty amount of admission fee but still we are made to pay again. 

Students said that they want to know for what purpose and in which account this money is being deposited. “If we are paying, we should have its details,” they said.

“It is very clear that the varsity’s centre of attention is only to generate revenue from the student’s community,” they alleged.

A professor at campus told Kashmir Vision on the condition of anonymity that the move by the varsity might be a technique to generate money from the students.

Chief Proctor University of Kashmir, Naseer Iqbal told Kashmir Vision over phone that the step has been initiated to curb the movement of outsiders into the campus.


“Earlier, outsiders use to make their entry into the campus, but now it has been totally stopped. And scores of students are applying for the new vehicle passes,” he said adding we don’t generate money from the students.

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