Islamic college organizes Volley ball tournament

Department of Physical Education of Islamic College of Science and Commerce here organised an inter college group volley tournament today.

The tournament was inaugurated by the college principal Prof. G.M Tibetbkal in presence of faculty members and students of the college.

In the opening match of the tournament, ICS Yellows defeated ICS Reds by 2:0 and in the second match ICS Greens over powered ICSC Whites by even score.

“Every year in our college, we organize many sports events and this is one among them. Six teams of our college are taking part in this volleyball tournament,” Director Sports Department, Islamia College Altaf ul Rehman told ‘Kashmir Vision’.

“Today our youth is diverted towards many odd things, only sports can bring back them to right path. If you take part in sports, you will get a healthy body and you will also remain physically and mentally fit,” he said.

Meanwhile, commenting on the importance of sports in present scenario of Kashmir, he said: “Keep sports away from politics and the need is to make it compulsory in every school, college of the Kashmir. Every student should take part in sports and you will get peace of mind.”    

Volleyball team of Islamia college will be selected from this tournament for inter college volleyball tournament.



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