Muslims perform last rites of Hindu woman in Shopian

Rising above their religious beliefs and the faith they practice, residents of Trapadpora Shopian in South kashmir did what only a few of us have the heart to do.

Breaking all religious barriers residents of Trapadpora village of south Kashmir’s Shopian district despite being followers of Islam, performed rites of a Hindu woman, Pyari Wangoo, wife of Treukinath Wangoo, who died after brief illness at Trapadpora Shopian.

Muslims arranged all what was needed to perform her last rites.
Elders, young and children were among villagers who made last rite preparations.
Bhushan Lal, a close relative of the deceased told ‘Kashmir Vision’ that Muslims have been part of our community since long. We lived here despite most of us leaving the Village during the early nineties.

However, the three families from the Pandit community stayed put and preferred to live with the Muslims.

“We never felt we are living in minority here. We are living here with them with love, brotherhood and harmony,” he added.

He thanked his Muslim community members for always helping them and remaining with them in times of sorrow and happiness.

Importantly, more than two hundred Muslims visited the bereaved family to condole with them.
“Talking to Kashmir Vision, Nawaz Ahmad, a villager said that we helped our Kashmiri pandit brothers to conduct last rites of their loved one. This is what neighbouhood is supposed to be like.

“Religion should not become a barrier in friendship,” Abdul Razzak, a resident of Trapadpora said.



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