Devotees converge at Hazratbal on Mehraj-ul-Alam eve

Thousands of devotees converged at the revered shrine of Hazratbal to celebrate the Mehraj-ul-Alam festival. Thousands of devotees Tuesday thronged various other shrines and mosques and offered prayers during the day.
The biggest congregation of the Mehraj-ul-Alam function was held at Hazratbal shrine located on the banks of the Dal Lake here. Thousands of devotees, comprising men, women and children converged at the shrine housing the holy relic of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) throughout the day.
As the relics were displayed, most of people were seen folding their hands while some had tears trickling down their face as they prayed to have their wishes fulfilled on the occasion.
People also offered ‘Durud’ (praises for the Prophet) and recited Holy Quran at the shrine for atonement of their sins.
Some of the people turned emotional and could not control the tears while having a look at the holy relic of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Others could be seen engrossed in thoughtful prayers while seeking refuge in Almighty Allah’s greatness.
Similar religious congregations were held across the length and breadth of the Kashmir Valley. Reports of Mehraj-ul-Alam functions have come from Asar Sharief Lal Bazar, Jenab Saheb Soura, Kalashpora, Syed Sahib-Sonwar, Shopian, Makhama-Beerwah and other places located across the Kashmir Valley.
The Government had kept in place an adequate number of State Road Transport Corporation buses for the to and fro movement of the devotees to Hazratbal as the areas around the shrine wore a festive look with many roadside vendors selling a whole lot of eatables and other items.
The Health Department and some other departments as well as Non-Governmental Organizations had made arrangements so that the devotees don’t face any problem while discharging their religious obligations. Some of the organizations had erected stalls where juices and beverages were offered to the devotees during the course of the day. Mehraj-ul-Alam was also celebrated across the region with devotees offering prayers in the mosques.

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