‘Sena’ to counter stone pelters formed, gets 13,000 volunteers

Imagine a 13,000 strong ‘sena’ entering Kashmir to counter the stone pelters. This is no Bollywood plot but an effort of a temple priest who has formed a public army in Kanpur to counter the stone pelters in Kashmir.

“13000 people have registered themselves in the “Jan Sena” to fight stone-throwers and elements attacking government forces in Kashmir valley, “Balyogi Arun Puri Chaitanya Maharaj, who formed the Jan Sena, said.

He said that his ‘sena’ was ready to give a befitting reply to the stone throwers, reported a newspaper.
“I appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to permit the Sena to go to Kashmir and teach the separatist forces there a lesson,” he said.

Arun Puri is head priest of the Siddhnath temple in Kanpur’s Jajmau locality.

There are 114 civic wards under the Kanpur Municipal Corporation. “They are being imparted training to tackle the wayward youths in Kashmir,” he said.

Puri and other saints would meet the district magistrate on Wednesday with a formal letter to the PM and the President of India for allowing the JanSena march to Kashmir.

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