Rightwing parties spreading hatred against Kashmiris

AIP supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rashid has accused the Sang Parivar of creating hatred against Kashmiris all over India.

Er Rashid, on Saturday, said that threating and thrashing Kashmiri students and businessmen in various states is nothing new.

“The level of animosity against Kashmiris has crossed all limits and they are in being treated like refugees,” he said.

Er Rashid said that top BJP leaders, including Home Minister Rajnath Singh had appealed to Kashmiri students last year to end the strike and open educational institutions in the state, but this year the same government is closing down the educational institutions.

He said, “In order to instill normalcy in Kashmir last year, Centre had asked all schools to be re-opened. Now, the same Government is closing down educational institutions to restore normalcy in Kashmir. It is obvious now that the Centre has no concrete plans to tackle the crisis in the state.”

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