CBCS programme finds only few takers

Inspired by many European and American universities, the University of Kashmir’s Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) program has failed to impress the students and the faculty.

Students in the campus said that Kashmir University’s new program for studies was only wastage of money, time and efforts. 

“We are not satisfied with this program. It is only a burden on the students loaded by the Varsity,” said Mehak Shah, a 3rd semester student of Sociology Department.

“CBCS studies have taken a heavy toll on our own courses and most of the times the syllabus of our courses remain incomplete pushing us to face chaos during exams days,” she said.

“To attend these classes, we have to move from one department to another and that too in the time frame of five minutes. And most of the times, we miss our classes,” Faisal Sadiq, a student of MERC Department said.

Students enrolled in south and north campus have termed this initiative by varsity as a hectic process.

“We have been forcibly asked to choose those subjects which are only taught at the main campus, though the same subjects are taught at our own campus,” alleged Shahneed Khan, a student from north campus.

“After spending at least Rs 150 to reach Kashmir University, most of the time, we are asked that classes were over” she added.

A Professor at Kashmir University told ‘Kashmir Vision’ that the varsity must focus on to improve the deteriorating infrastructure and other facilities.

“We lack the facilities like bus service, proper seating and infrastructure arrangements for the students though they pay a hefty amount as their fees,” the Professor said.

Pertinently, in a bid to revamp higher education and bring all the Universities and Colleges under a single umbrella of grading, learning and standards in the country, the University Grants Commission (UGC) in 2014 came up with a program called Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).

Coordinator for Choice Based Credit System, University of Kashmir, Javaid Ul Aziz said starting this program is only beneficial for the students.

“Those students who are not able to get seats in their favorite subjects, are given a chance to study their favorite subjects through this program,” Aziz said. 

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