Attorney General of India’s statement senseless, illogical: Er. Rasheed

Independent Legislator, Er Rashid Tuesday said that the attorney general of India’s statement is sense less, illogical and unlawful argument.

The vocal legislator said that the statement would not hold good even in a Khup Panchayat or Kangaroo Court and he must put his head down in shame.

Hitting out hard at Attorney General of India, Mukul Rohatgi for his remarks defending the ‘shameful act’ of army using 27 year old Farooq Ahmad as human shield, Er Rasheed asked him to apologize for more than one reason.

Rasheed said “Attorney General is the one who represents state in the highest court of law and if he speaks such sense less, illogical and unlawful argument, which would not hold good even in a Khup Panchayat or Kangaroo Court he must put his head down in shame.”

He said that Attorney general’s statement speaks of hatred in minds of even those persons holding the highest posts in Indian Supreme Court.

“Kashmiris cannot expect anything good or logical from the Indian state and attorney General has exposed many bitter realities and myths. Had he defended the state terrorism of such worst and shameless nature that would have taken place in any other part of India, he would have been forced to resign but like in every other case abusing Kashmiris and defending atrocities on them is the real national interest for people like attorney general. His action makes one to think as if India is truly like a banana republic,” he said.

Rasheed also lashed out at Subramenium Swami for his ‘senseless and stupid tweet’ asking Kashmiris to be sent to refugee camps in Tamil Nadu to curb protests.

He said that this statement speaks of ‘his mental bankruptcy’ and world community must wake up to these communal and hate mongers so that ‘genocide of Kashmiris’ is stopped.

Rasheed asked New Delhi to restrain from any ‘talk drama’ and rejected any cosmetic talks.

He said that “while Kashmir is again on boil, New Delhi is preparing to offer and engage them in futile time consuming talks.”

Rasheed said, “Kashmiris are never against talks but New Delhi has been using these talks to kill time and mislead world community. May one ask every Indian politician and policy maker do they not know the reality of Kashmir dispute and what is the logic to erode the credibility of institution of dialogue which lacks sincerity from New Delhi’s side.”


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