UP clocks maximum food grain production in India

LUCKNOW: The food grain production in Uttar Pradesh during 2012-13 crop year (July-June) has once again topped its peers at about 50.84 million tonnes (MT).
During 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12, the state food grain production stood at 43.20 MT, 47.14 MT and 50.29 MT respectively.
This shows that there has been sustained increase in food grain output registered in UP over the years, for which it has been feted by the Centre.
Higher production has come about primarily due to improving productivity. Against food grain productivity of 2,448 kg/hectare in 2011-12, the productivity index rose to 2,547 kg/hectare in 2012-13.
Paddy and wheat are the major kharif and rabi crops, that account for the largest food grain basket in UP.
During 2011-12 and 2012-13, paddy production and productivity stood at (14 MT and 2,358 kg/hectare) and (14.41 MT and 2,459 kg/hectare) respectively.
Similarly, wheat production during the corresponding period figured 30.29 MT and 30.3 MT respectively.
Besides, the state has been able to augment coarse grain output and productivity from 0.35 MT and 1,751 kg/hectare in 2011-12 to 0.37 MT and 1,845 kg/hectare in 2012-13.
The agriculture department cites several steps, which helped the state post higher production viz. paddy sowing by drum-seeder, wheat sowing in rows, soil testing, rational use of fertilisers, bio-pesticide and timely intervention of farm investment.
The government has been organising farmers’ fairs, roping in private partners in agricultural activities and proactive dissemination of farm related news.
There are about 22.5 million farmers’ families in UP and agriculture supports 65 per cent of its working population.
Almost, 50 per cent of the land in UP is used for cultivation and over 70 percent of the cultivated land is irrigated. The total cultivable area in UP is estimated at 24.17 million hectares (MH), of which 16.56 MH is under agriculture.

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