LS polls: Parties asked to adhere to code of conduct

JAMMU: Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Umang Narula on Friday asked political parties to abide by the model code of conduct of the Election Commission of India (ECI) during the 5-phase Lok Sabha elections in the state.
Narula requested representatives of political parties to cooperate with the officials and strictly adhere to guidelines of ECI regarding poll expenditure, publicity, election manifesto, campaigning etc at a meeting of all political parties convened here.
He said the Commission has made elaborate arrangements for ensuring  effective implementation of the MCC guidelines and re-emphasised that the instructions issued in this regard should be read and understood by all political parties, contesting candidates and their agents/representatives to avoid any misgivings or lack of information or understanding/interpretation.
He said that Expenditure Observers would keep a close watch on election expenditure of the candidates and to ensure that no inducement is offered to the electors during the entire election process for exercise of their franchise.
Narula further said the political parties for any kind of publicity during the elections including advertisements in the form of posters, TV ads, newspaper ads etc will all require a prior certification. He said Commission has created Media Certification and Monitoring Committees to deal with any paid news and other media related violations, besides carrying out the existing provisions of pre-certification of political advertisements.
Narula said that to facilitate the voters the Commission has directed that Voter Slip along with photo will be distributed to all enrolled voters by the DEO. These Voter Slips will also be accepted as identity proof of voters at polling stations.
He said that all electoral rolls will be exhibited at the polling stations on March 9 for addition of any left out voters to the list.
He asked for cooperation of all political parties for conduct of a free and fair election process in the state.

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