India-Pak match aftermath: UP university says 67 Kashmiri students ‘suspended indefinitely’

SRINAGAR: Sixty-seven Kashmiri students have been “suspended indefinitely” by the Swami Vivekananad Subharti University (SVSU) in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, for allegedly raising pro-Pakistan slogans after India-Pakistan cricket clash on Sunday.
According to a Hindustan Times report, a high level committee was set up by the varsity to inquire into the behaviour of Kashmiri students following the victory of Pakistan in the cricket match. Based on the committee report, all the students staying in Madan Dhingra Hostel of the institute were “suspended indefinitely”, the newspaper said.
“Some students complained that a few students reportedly shouted Pakistan zindabad on way to their rooms. But a three-tier inquiry finally recommended all 67 Kashmiri students residing in Madan Dhingra Hostel be suspended indefinitely because they didn’t reveal the names of the handful of wrongdoers actually involved in creating trouble,” the newspaper quoted varsity’s Vice-Chancellor Dr Manzoor Ahmed as having said.
“We were expecting the students to apologise. But when that did not happen, we had to suspend all of them,” the VC added.
As reported by Kashmir Reader on Tuesday, the Kashmiri students had been watching the match alongside their local colleagues on Sunday and they later celebrated the victory of Pakistan. However, the local students took objection to it and started abusing and threatening the Kashmiris. The students have said that 130 of them were forced by the varsity authorities to leave the campus under police escort.
A parent Nazir Ahmad who spoke to Kashmir Reader on Tuesday said the students have been struggling to get home.
“I spoke to my son on Monday night, but after that there is no contact with him. He had told me that many students don’t even have money to return home,” Ahmad, whose son Arshad is pursuing B Tech at SVSU, said.
The authorities at the university, however, avoided commenting on the issue. When Kashmir Reader contacted SVSU’s Chief Proctor, Dean Students Welfare, and Additional Dean Students Welfare, all of them either refused to comment or feigned ignorance over the issue.

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