3rd installment of 6th Pay Commission to pensioners released: Govt

Srinagar: The Minister for Finance and Ladakh Affairs, Abdul Rahim Rather on Monday said that order has been issued to the concerned for release of 3rd installment of arrears of 6th Pay Commission in favour of the pensioners.
Replying to a question in the Legislative Assembly, Rather also said that Pay Anomaly Committee has submitted its recommendations/report to the Cabinet regarding removal of pay anomalies of clerical cadre, Junior Engineers and Agriculture Extension Officers.
“Accordingly, Finance Department pursuant to the Cabinet Decision no. 262/25/2010, dated 10.12.2010, issued a government order no. 296-F of 2010, dated 21.12.2010 for redressing the anomaly of these categories,” Rather said.
He further informed the House that the government has revived the pay anomaly committee vide G.O. No. 67-GAD of 2012, dated 16.1.2012. “The terms of reference of the said committee are to examine various anomalies and disparities amongst different categories of the employees. The revived committee discussed and submitted its report regarding the pay anomalies of clerical cadre, Home Department and Revenue Department,” he said.

One Response to "3rd installment of 6th Pay Commission to pensioners released: Govt"

  1. M.K.Budki   March 22, 2014 at 10:49 am

    There is talk of 7th pay commission whereas 6th. pay commission benefits are yet to reach all the state employees particularlyto those who are working in public sector.The retired employees of public sector are the worst sufferer lot.They have been completely kept out and ignored.May I ask those at the helm of affairs is there no MEHANGAI for them.What apitty these public sector employees are also being kept out of monthly pension benefits.Therefore I would like to appeal to govt. to think about these people who too are suffering from MEHANGAI KI MAR.