Non-Arabs to get translated sermons in Masjid-e-Haram

Riyadh: The non-Arab pilgrims in Makkah’s Grand Mosque will have the luxury of live translation of Friday sermons in English and Urdu. The service was launched Friday as part of King Abdullah project.
The facility shall be available in a designated area of the Haram with the authorities providing the devices to the worshippers.  The device is connected to FM frequency that broadcasts the interpretation of the Arabic sermon delivered by the Imam of Haram, Abdul Hafez Al-Shubaiti.
A separate room for interpretation has been set up which is marked as sensitive, with qualified interpreters doing the job, a statement issued by the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs said.
King Fahd Gate area is the designated area for the translation service and headsets to worshippers will be provided only in this area.
It is not known whether mobiles that are equipped with FM frequency reception can also benefit from the service.
A similar service is likely to be launched at Madinah shortly. The authorities recently introduced Urdu translation facilities for Islamic guidance and counseling section of the
The translation facility is available only on Junoob Almakbariya in the south side of the Haram near the King Fahd gate and gate number 94.

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