Hope for the girl child

SRINAGAR: While a lot of criticism has been done of the Kashmiri society wherein the female foeticide is said to be on the rise, girl child may not be the hated progeny among the couples in Kashmir  Valley, after all.
In an interesting case, a couple parent to a 5-6 year boy has been trying desperately to adopt the new-born baby girl who was left abandoned apparently by her unidentified parents at Makhdoom Sahab shrine in old city here on Saturday.  And the couple appears to be motivated by nothing but the desire to have a girl child.
“We would adopt any child left by the parents. But this one is special because she is a baby girl and we wish to have a girl child too,” the couple, from Srinagar, had told the staff at Children’s hospital here where the baby is presently lodged.
The couple has been trying to complete the legal formalities required for adoptions. However, fulfillment of its desire will eventually depend upon the court directions.
“It is quite pleasing to see a couple so keen to have a girl child,” a senior medico at the hospital told Kashmir Reader.
The encouraging development comes amidst debate over the decline in sex ratio in Jammu and Kashmir. As per the censuses conducted recently, the population of the females in the state has been on a decline compared to that of males. The disturbing figures are attributed to growing female foeticide, which is being criticized by the political, Islamic, and the social quarters.
To check the menace, the state government has been actively campaigning against sex determination tests.
The awareness is being made through print and broadcast media about unregistered clinics and ultrasound centres that may be involved in sex-determination exercises.
The legislative assembly, in its ongoing winter session, has also passed a resolution to check female foeticide in the state. The resolution has been supported by the legislators from ruling as well opposition parties.
A four inch brick wall separated the store from   Maqbool’s cell. He made a hole in the wall and used to cover it with blankets. Now he could easily go in the store room to make a hole in the wall for his escape. Slowly he succeeded in making a hole big enough to let a man pass through it.
A prisoner, Abdul Ahad detained for burglary was assigned the job of taking food to Maqbool’s cell at Sehri and Iftaar.  Yasin interacted with him one day. “You are lucky. In this holy month, you are taking food to a person who is destined to be hanged. Allah will reward you handsomely for this.”
Feeling that he had struck the appropriate chord, Yasin expressed his desire to take food for Maqbool at least once in the holy month.  After initial hesitation, Abdul Ahad agreed.
It was raining heavily on December 9, 1968. Abdul Ahad handed over Maqbool’s food to Yasin. He covered himself with a blanket and walked towards the female ward. The guard on duty took him for Abdul Ahad and let him in. Maqbool escaped along with Mir and Yasin.

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