Unique identification number for hallmarked jewellery: BIS

KOLKATA: The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is introducing Unique Identification Number for hallmarked jewellery to ensure better traceability and consumer protection.
“We have decided to introduce a Unique Identification Number for each hallmarked jewellery as a component of hallmark to ensure traceability of hallmarked articles,” Director General of BIS Sunil Soni said here Saturday.
Soni said it would protect consumers from being cheated while purchasing ISI mark products and hallmarked jewellery.
The unique number would also hep them take action against unscrupulous manufacturers misusing the ISI mark, a certification sign for industrial products in India.
BIS has also decided to launch ‘i-Care’ programme especially for consumers, the industry and the market.
“i-Care is an aggressive consumer awareness campaign to be launched to provide information about the activities of BIS to deal with consumer related activities in a more focused manner for better impact,” Soni said.
He said the i-Care programme is also aimed at enhancing interaction with industry to solve their problems and encourage them to come forward to take licence from BIS.

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