Mid-day meal scheme should not be teachers’ responsibility: HC

Mumbai: In a significant order, the Bombay High Court has asked the Maharashtra Government not to impose the burden of managing mid-day meal scheme for students on teachers, calling it “non-educational work”.
Putting such non-teaching responsibility on teachers would amount to violation of section 27 of the Education Act, a division bench headed by Justice Abhay Oka ruled on Thursday.
Section 27 provides that “no teacher shall be deployed for any non-educational purposes other than the decennial population census, disaster relief duties or duties relating to elections to the local authority or the State Legislatures or Parliament, as the case may be”, the court noted.
The court was hearing a bunch of petitions filed by women’s organisations challenging two Government Resolutions regarding implementation of the mid-day meal scheme.
The court referred to the State Government guidelines dated July 22, 2013 which provide that the headmasters or the senior teachers shall visit central kitchens (where meals are prepared) in urban areas once a month to ensure hygiene.
Teacher are supposed to taste the food before it is served to the students every day.
“The said duties entrusted to the head masters/teachers have nothing to do with education. The scheme may be a welfare measure adopted by the state but teachers cannot be burdened with non-educational work,” said the judges.

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