1972: Joint US-China Communiqué in Shanghai

The US said: Consistent with the United Nations Security Council
Resolution of December 21, 1971, the United States favors the continuation of the ceasefire between India and Pakistan and the withdrawal of all military forces to within their own territories and to their own sides of the ceasefire line in Jammu and Kashmir; the United States supports the right of the peoples of South Asia to shape their own future in peace, free of military threat, and without having the area become the subject of great power rivalry.
China said: India and Pakistan should, in accordance with the United Nations resolutions on the India-Pakistan question, immediately withdraw all their forces to their respective territories and to their own sides of the ceasefire line in Jammu and Kashmir and (that it) firmly supports the Pakistan Government and people in their struggle to preserve their independence and sovereignty and the people of Jammu and Kashmir in their struggle for the right of self determination.

1990: India Bars UN Officials from Kashmir
India refused to allow any United Nations official to visit Kashmir. A GoI spokesman said there was no room for outside interference in the internal affairs of the country.

2000: Six Soldiers Killed on LoC
Six Indian troopers were killed along the LoC in Kashmir when, according to an official spokesman, Pakistani troops crossed the Line under the cover of artillery fire and carried out an attack. Two soldiers went missing.

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