Guru deserved the same reprieve: Mehbooba

Jammu: Reacting to the Supreme Court’s verdict, People’s Democratic Party President Mehbooba Mufti said Afzal Guru deserved the same reprieve.
“By commuting the death sentence of Rajiv Gandhi’s killers, the Supreme Court has once again made the people of Jammu and Kashmir realize that there is a separate law for Kashmir and the rest of the country. I think they are now sure that they have always been discriminated against be it on any issue,” said Mufti.
“The honourable Supreme Court had once said that ‘to satisfy the collective conscience of the country’, death sentence was given to Afzal Guru. Although, there were many things which were unexplained and there were not much evidence against him,” she said.
“Today Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins, who was no less a symbol of Indian nationhood than the parliament in itself, which was also attacked, are not being treated in the same way. The hearing has come today which is a good thing, but I wish that they had given a similar decision in other cases such as that of Afzal guru,” she added.

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