February 14, 1953

DR Graham suggests measures
On February 14, 1953 Graham while suggesting measures for Kashmir resolution at Geneva said let there be 6000 troops on the Pakistan side and 21000 on the Indian side including the JK Militia. India accepted the proposal in part. It made clear that nothing but a `civil armed force’ was acceptable on the Pakistan side.

1957, USSR vetoes resolution
The UN Security Council resolution of 14 February 1957 (put to vote on 20 February 1957) based
on the proposal of the Pakistani representative “for the use of a temporary United Nations force in connection with demilitarization” was vetoed by the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). This confirmed
India felt  that there was a deliberate attempt in the UN Security Council to disregard India’s  position on Kashmir.

2005, Musharraf links peace in South Asia to Kashmir resolution
Pakistan President, Gen Parvez Musharraf warned that peace in South Asia not possible without Kashmir solution.  Rallies were held here and elsewhere in Pakistan expressing solidarity with the people of Kashmir.

2013, Police Bill on website
The Home Department posted the Draft Bill on its website on 14 February and invited suggestions and comments from the public within 15 days.
Following public criticism, the department extended the deadline to April 1. The bill has been prepared in compliance with a 2006 Supreme Court judgment that directed state governments to go for police reforms.

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