Hurriyat (M) swears by 1993 constitution

SRINAGAR: Reiterating that Kashmir issue shall be resolved through either the United Nations resolutions or tripartite dialogue, Hurriyat Conference (M) Monday said its stand or policies are “in the larger interest of the movement” and are taken on the basis of “agreed collective view”.
“Being representative of the people, every stand of Hurriyat Conference is based on principle of collectivism, and there is no restriction on the thoughts or views of its members. Decisions regarding its stand or policies are taken in the larger interest of the movement, on the basis of agreed collective view keeping in consideration the individual views of its members,” said a statement issued here after a meeting of the amalgam’s executive council.
“Hurriyat Conference is pursuing a policy laid down in unanimously adopted Hurriyat constitution of 1993, and is working for a solution of Kashmir issue based either on the implementation of United Nations resolutions or through a tripartite dialogue,” it added.
The amalgam said the UN resolutions provide a “solid” legal basis to Kashmir dispute, and that it is the duty and responsibility of the international body to fulfill its obligation of finding a solution to the issue in view of the people’s aspirations.
Describing the “growing warmth” between Pakistan and India as a “hopeful development”, it said that Kashmir stands as the “core issue” between the two neighbours.
“Without its consideration on priority basis, the whole engagement between the two countries would remain fragile. All other issues become of secondary importance when compared with Kashmir,” it said.
“Regarding Kashmir issue the view point of Kashmiris is of primary importance. The bilateral engagement between India and Pakistan in the past has not yielded any results, and same will be fate future engagements without Kashmir,” it added.


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