Without resolving K-dispute, peace to remain dream in South Asia: Malik

Srinagar: Slamming the international community for maintaining “criminal silence on Kashmir,” JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik on Sunday said that the peace in south Asia will remain a dream till the issue was not resolved.
“The issue of Jammu and Kashmir is a live reality and no sane person can deny that this issue is continuously threatening the peace and stability of this region,” Malik said while addressing a public rally in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.
“If the international community that includes Europe, USA and UK really want to make this world peaceful, they will have to address the issues that are a threat to it,” Malik said, adding, “Jammu and Kashmir issue is a threat to the peace, stability, prosperity and progress of this region and sidelining this issue or putting this on back burner will bring nothing but more disaster and distress.”
Malik said that if anybody thought that peace and stability in the region can be brought by putting Kashmir on backburner and sidelining Kashmiris, he is living in a fool’s paradise.
“This prescription has been tested many a times before but has yielded nothing and will yield nothing in future also,” he added.
The JKLF chairman said that time had come when the international community, India and Pakistan will have to realize this fact and strive for searching a lasting solution to this problem.
“If we are able to solve Kashmir issue, its offshoots will get solved easily,” Malik said, adding “but India has choked all the space for peaceful struggle and resistance.
Malik said that Kashmir’s new generations was being constantly pushed to the wall.
“And what is more agonizing is the fact that the international community is watching all this oppression like mute spectators,” he said.
“International community at whose behest Kashmiris transformed their struggle and took the path of non-violence cannot remain silent over this. It is their moral and human responsibility to come to the rescue of these young Kashmiris who are being subjected to worst kind of oppression by India and pushed to the wall,” Malik said.
“If international community kept its criminal silence, these young Kashmiris will lose trust in non-violence and that will be more disastrous for this region,” he added.
He warned that use of oppressive measures cannot hinder Kashmiris from perusing “the journey for their freedom.”
“Till the achievement of our desired goal, our struggle will continue,” he said.
He said that international community, India and Pakistan will have to accept the owner status of Kashmiris and find a solution on priority basis to the dispute with the active participation of Kashmiri people.
The JKLF chairman also slammed pro-India parties, leaders and politicians for “their hypocritical politics and animosity against Kashmiris.”
“Pro-India politicians, political parties and leaders despite all their hypocritical politics and slogans cannot hide the fact that they are responsible for all the miseries and hardships of the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” Malik said, adding “It is them who are becoming tools of oppression act against the Kashmiris; safeguard the interests of India and its forces in Jammu and Kashmir.”
Malik said that it were the pro-India politicians “who go to assembly and make legislations like AFSPA and PSA and implement them against Kashmiris.”
Asserting that “dedication and one-faced approach will ensure our victory against oppression,” Malik said that “presence of people in the rally in huge numbers despite severe cold is an eye opener for those who think that Kashmiri’s are tired or fatigued.”
“These people should bear in mind that Kashmiris have sacrificed more than hundred thousand of their young and old for their azadi,” he said.


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