From the Ruins – (II)

BY SAROOP IJAZ To celebrate the culture of Sindh through a festival named the Sindh Festival does not create any provincial divisions; on the contrary, it seems to be the only way that a sustainable national identity can be formed. They would rather have a ‘Pakistan Festival’. Perfectly reasonable, however, identities do not start from the […]

Pathribal: Force Dictates the Course of Justice

BY CHRISTINE MEHTA Abdul Rasheed is the son of Juma Khan, one of the five Kashmiri villagers killed in the infamous fake encounter at Pathribal in 2000. Beside him sits Shakoor Khan, also the son of one of the victims. “The night they took my father, I was sleeping upstairs. I remember hearing the Army […]

The Jama’at-Geelani Property Row: Confusion or Confrontation? – (II)

BY MUDASIR WANI Two points become clear from the foregoing discussion: that there is a strong connection between Geelani Sahib and the Jama’at in the sense of he having being one of its most prominent members and leaders, and having contested and won elections on its ticket. And, that the Jama’at owns considerable property, which […]

From Escape to Gallows

Maqbool Bhat became important after his death. Many people became important by claiming their close proximity to him. Different stories were cooked and circulated by such elements. Scores of versions were given about his escape from jail. But his friend, Khaliq Parvez of Baramulla, narrates the story in his Ja’la-e-Wattan (Volume II, 205 to 215). […]

The Dream is Born Again

In this cold night Stars talk in murmurs, Of distant wounded autumns Youthful rebel summers And deep, silent winters. Of spring they know only a February dawn When the Moon is cold of morning breeze And her eyes are dry Like the sands of Baghdad – Her face still As the old pillars of Cairo, […]

An FIR, a Tweet and the End of History

BY NASEER AHMAD And the media fraternity woke up to breaking news on TV that a lady doctor had filed a complaint against the Minister of State for Health, accusing him of molestation. The police had filed an FIR, and the Minister was likely to be arrested. That is it. No one came forward to […]

Walid—II: In east of caliphate

Golden Mein By Dr. Javid Iqbal Having had an account of Wali-II’s caliphate in Spain and South of France, we may re-look where we left the historical trail in east of Islamic caliphate—the all important viceroyalty of Iraq, which mattered the most, ever since Kofa emerged as the capital during the caliphate of Hazrat Ali […]

Of Holy Qur’an, Science and Innovation

By Shah Nayeem English historian and biographer Thomas Carlyle in his series of lectures “On Heroes Hero-worship and the Heroic in History” says that the Holy Qur’an is full of signs and miracles. He quotes the translation, “God made you shaped you out of a little clay. You were small once. A few years ago […]

Azadi from Egos

BY M ASHRAF Azadi could well be described as the word most battered in Kashmir over the past few years, and Ego the most active. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, ego is ones opinion of oneself, especially ones feeling about ones importance and ability. In psychoanalysis, it is that part of a person’s mind that […]

Yes, AFSPA has become irrelevant

Zahir-ud-Din The Additional General Secretary of National Conference, Dr Mustafa Kamal remains in news for his `controversial’ statements. While most of his statements are ridiculed or rubbished, his recent statement on AFSPA merits special mention here. He said AFSPA has become irrelevant. Yes, it has and Kamaal needs to be appreciated for his `courageous’ statement. […]