The Onus for Reversing Moral Regression Lies on Society

Mufti Jameel Farooq A father has always acted as guardian of peace for any family. As a matter of fact, a father holds a permanent place of respect and regard in every household, and our religion has gone to the extent of describing a father as the door for paradise. The father who would bury […]

Notes on Behaviour Based Safety(BBS) and its Evolution

Kashif Nazir Pandit During the late 1970s, Judy Komaki and her behavioural psychologist colleagues used their methodology in a food manufacturing facility to improve the safety performance by focusing on reinforcing safe behaviours. This was the birth of behaviour-based safety (BBS). Fast forward nearly 40 years and many BBS processes are still in place and […]

Bell’s Palsy: Causes and Cure(s)

Majid Kirmani Bell’s palsy is a medical condition that causes a temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles of the face. It is named Bell’s palsy after Charles Bell (a famous anatomist) who first discovered it. It can occur when the nerve (seventh cranial nerve) that controls the muscles of the face is injured, infected, […]

Odious Instincts and Crimes: Who is Responsible?

Odious Instincts and Crimes: Who is Responsible?

Muttaqi Naik While I am writing these lines, I cannot control my tears; the reason is known to most: what happened a day before in Bandipora, is damaging and alarming every aspect of our life. What I am going to tell you is what a civilized person can’t say, but am having no other option […]

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