A Cry of Despair: (Un)Blossomed Roses of Kashmir

A Cry of Despair: (Un)Blossomed Roses of Kashmir

Fehmeeda Rashid Last evening, Dadji’ s routinely funny jokes made me laugh loudly. Suddenly, however, everybody became mute and turned around to my mother whose sigh and gloomy face suggested and carried umpteen, unexplained stories. Was it loneliness? Was it some deep wound? Was it forlornness or did it all stem from injustice? What was […]

Instituting Research in Colleges is a Good and Prudent Step

Ishfaq Abdullah & Firdous Hameed Parray Research in colleges is much debated these days. The initiative has been taken by the Higher Education Department and, in this regard, the role of the Principal Secretary to education is commendable. This order of making colleges research oriented which should have come long before has produced mixed reactions. […]

Understanding the Link between Human ABO Blood Groups and Microorganisms

DR. KHURSHID AHMAD TARIQ The human body houses trillions of useful microorganisms known as normal microbiological flora or microbial flora or microbiota or microbiome or indigenous or autocthonous flora to distinguish them from the pathogenic microorganisms (allocthonous). These useful microbial flora are a complex community of bacteria, protozoa, fungi, mycoplasma and viruses; these are quite […]

Why Humanities (Arts) is a No Go Subject is Incomprehensible to Me?

Why Humanities (Arts) is a No Go Subject is Incomprehensible to Me?

Mohammad Tazeem As we pass our 10th grade, we get to choose our path for the future. But, in Kashmir there is a trend: for the person who scores more than 90%, there are only two options – the Medical or the Non-Medical stream; unsurprisingly for the person who scores less there still are only […]

Karnataka and Kashmir: Two K’s with Two Different Geo Stories

Asyia Qadir Bordered by Maharashtra to the north, Kerala to the south, Arabian sea to the west and Andhra Pradesh to the east, Karnataka is a heritage state that falls in the southwest of India. The state is deeply linked to the ancient history of India. It is known for its cultural ambience and holy […]

Hope and Mirth on an Eve of Spring in Kashmir

By Mir Umar “The day Lord created hope was probably the same day he created spring” (Bernard Williams) The mountains look clear now. A thin blanket of snow is still trapped over their surface. When the rays of sun touch the frizzy surface of snow, it reflects back and figures a blur in the eyes. […]

Kashmir Conflict: Is there a Way Out?

Kashmir Conflict: Is there a Way Out?

By Shah Hussain Kashmir, one of the most turbulent territories in the current era, bleeds every day. Hardly a day passes without a cold-blooded murder or killing(s). As a consequence, a paroxysm of rage and anger among natives is being witnessed. This turmoil has given birth to a rotating cycle of killings followed by strikes […]

The Right to Life is Inalienable and Universal. Kashmiris are No Exception!

Usman Khurshid The killing of four civilians in Shopian , in the recent past, who were not involved in any of the benchmark ‘anti national’ acts, is as horrific as can be. Since the resurrection of operation CASO, originally launched to eliminate militants, many civilians have been killed along with the militants during these operations. […]

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