Power Perfidy

Everyone in Jammu and Kashmir knows that the state government has failed to wrest its power projects back from the NHPC. So what was the Chief Minister’s ‘revelation’ in the Legislative Assembly the other day meant to convey? That the state had better write off its most precious resource to the central Corporation, and accept […]

Tuition Twists

That private coaching has become such a rage in Kashmir – a phenomenon unheard of in advanced societies- is a direct reflection of the state of academics in schools and colleges whose students feel compelled to take supplementary tuitions in order to make the grade in examinations. As a matter of fact, schools and colleges […]

Pandits’ Return

Migrant Pandits have rightly rejected the government’s idea of outsourcing their rehabilitation in the Valley to a society. But several organizations claiming to speak on behalf of the displaced community continue to pursue the demand for “a separate homeland with constitutional guarantees” within the Valley.  Their self-styled leaders, especially those who subscribe to the RSS […]

Make Findings Public

This family in the north Kashmir town of Sopore has been waiting for justice for the past thirty-nine years. On February 15, 1975, one of its members was subjected to extra-judicial execution. The then government had ordered a probe, but the findings have not been made public till date. Hectic political activity was going on […]

Budget of Dependence

The National Conference-Congress coalition government of Jammu and Kashmir presented the last budget of its 6-year term on Thursday. With an eye on elections, Finance Minister Abdul Rahim Rathar, a seasoned politician with 14 state budgets to his credit, has doled out a number of populist measures in the name of welfare schemes this year. […]

No longer a constructive endeavour

The noble and constructive endeavour of politics, an effective tool to serve humanity and uplift the society, has come to connote a criminal demonstration in south Asia enacted by the men devoid of any moral character. It entails a serious deliberation to figure out as to what has made the noble souls of today abhor […]

Killer Roads

According to official averages, three persons are killed and twenty-five injured per day in road accidents in Jammu and Kashmir. Shockingly, 3,595 persons have lost their lives in 19,444 road accidents during the past three years. The number of injured during the same period stands at 28,246. The data further reveals that in the year […]

Political, Not Administrative – (II)

Picking up from where these columns left off on Tuesday, another priceless gem from the Cabinet Sub Committee report on new administrative units depicts the government’s tearing hurry, and implicitly its motives, in ramming more government down the throat of the cash-starved state. According to the document, the Mushtaq Ganai Committee submitted its report to the […]

Fortune’s Favourite

As the wag said, there is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. Not that Dr Farooq Abdullah has ever been averse to being talked about, but this little thing about Arvind Kejrival’s list must have been a little disconcerting, particularly when the coming seasons demand vehement […]

Take Hill Councils Call

The row over new administrative units in Jammu and Kashmir has almost been settled. But a long-pending demand of the people of the Pir Panjal and the Chenab Valleys remains still unaddressed. The creation of new units was opposed by several quarters in Jammu. According to them, the National Conference was trying to create the […]