Making Right Economic Choices

The turbulent political situation in Jammu and Kashmir for more than past two decades has marred its economic development. From being a self sufficient state in its economic needs once, J&K has now reached a situation that it always has to be with a begging bowl in front of New Delhi and more than 50 […]

Food Scarcity

Two years ago, the state’s Economic Survey had come out with a perturbing projection about Jammu and Kashmir facing an acute shortage of food grains by 2030 when the annual requirement would be 1.82 million tons. Experts have given a variety of reasons for this grave impending crisis, ranging from changing food patterns to loss […]

Prevent Further Polarisation

The government of India is likely to announce a package for the settlement of refugees living in Jammu. According to reports, the Home Ministry is in consultation with other ministries to give a final shape to the package. Further, the NDA government is said to have decided to prioritize the issue of refugees who have been seeking settlement for the […]

Snatching Livelihoods

Craftsmen hit by power looms and spinning machines have recently been up in arms against government apathy, and demand a blanket ban on such machines to save the livelihood of thousands of weavers and spinners. Handicrafts, a traditional vocation supporting lakhs of people in rural and urban Kashmir, is fast losing its artisan base because […]

Retirement Age

The coalition government has decided to enhance the retirement age of government employees by two years, from the previous 58 to sixty. The decision has been taken as a damage control measure after the coalition partners were defeated in the recently concluded parliamentary elections. As a matter of principal, the coalition government should have resigned […]

Life in Srinagar

The standard of living in Srinagar may have improved but thousands of people in the historic cities of Srinagar and Jammu continue to live in slums.  A survey conducted by M/S IPE Global Private Limited in 2012 reveals that more than 18,000 households are living in slums or slum like conditions. The survey says that a population of 90,000 […]

‘Business’ as Usual

  Reports from the ground tell a story sharply at variance with what people who felicitated Jammu and Kashmir for its healthcare would like to believe. Not to speak of drugs supplied in hospitals or sold in the market, even bandages used at the Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) have been found sub-standard. A […]

Agricultural Land

Even as food security is becoming the century’s most critical issue worldwide, Kashmir is fast losing its agricultural land, making this already import-dependent state more vulnerable. Due to rampant and unplanned urbanization, connstruction of houses, shopping centers and other commercial complexes on agricultural land is a common sight in the Valley. Conversion of paddy fields […]

In Frail Health

Notwithstanding the awards conferred on Jammu and Kashmir for ‘best’ health services, patient care continues to remain a casualty. The system needs a general overhaul if not a total revamp. According to official data, 3690 out of the total number of government-run health facilities in the state lack proper infrastructure and management. As per sources, around […]

Litterbug Society

Since the police and other wings of the administration, possibly even municipal functionaries, have long found a goldmine in roadside and pavement vendors, there is little possibility of Srinagar ever getting uncluttered kerbsides and walkways constructed in most markets and thoroughfares at great cost to the public exchequer. It is also unlikely for Srinagar and […]