Mian Musharraf to Mian Sharif

When these words appear in print, India’s new Prime Minister will have been sworn in, and after a good night’s sleep (those famous six hours), be readying for his first day in office, crackling with energy, and schooling himself to being brisk rather than brusque. He is scheduled to open his innings with a series […]

Private School Fees

Notwithstanding the government’s claims to frame a fee structure for private schools, parents of students continue to be fleeced on a number of pretexts. Proliferating private educational institutions and the government’s failure to monitor key aspects of their functioning have sparked grave public concern, particularly when some schools have taken to imposing annual fees ranging […]

Smokescreen and Success

Given the measured ceremony and circumstance of his duly publicised appearances after electoral triumph, Narendra Modi’s swearing-in as Prime Minister would, in fact, be a coronation. And regardless of the spin attached, his invitation to SAARC heads-of-government is more a projection of power than a profession of friendly intent. The architect of Gujarat – pogrom […]

A Tale of Two States

Irom Sharmila, the `iron lady’ from Manipur, wishes to meet Narendra Modi on the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) revocation. Irom has been on unbroken hunger strike since November 2, 2000 the seeking revocation of the draconian law. She is being force-fed by the police but her fight continues. The people of Kashmir too […]

Killer roads, callous govt

On May 20, the killer roads in Jammu and Kashmir consumed 17 more lives. The victims , who include some tourists,   were killed and 34 others injured when the Srinagar-bound bus they were travelling in rolled down a 400-feet deep gorge in Digdol area of Ramban district on the Jammu-Srinagar highway. J&K is facing a […]


State BJP leaders have said that Article 370 of the Indian constitution, which guarantees special status to Jammu and Kashmir, has to go. Although this was in the BJP’s manifesto in the recent parliamentary polls, it has violated the former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee’s policy on Kashmir. The NDA’s common minimum programme formulated in 1996 under […]

Abdullah’s Introspection 

The results of the 2014 parliamentary election from Jammu and Kashmir, particularly the Valley, have shocked J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to the core. The way he has reacted, though again on Twitter and New Delhi-based television channels, suggest that Omar Abdullah never expected that people (even when a small number voted) would punish him […]

Rosebuds and Rubbish

Were it not for elections, and now their results, Kashmiris could, perhaps, have been talking about forecasts of overcast skies rather than polls, opinion polls, exit polls and polarized polls. And the “wait and watch” would not have been about political punditry on a sub-continental mess of global proportions but weather punditry of local dimensions […]

Why Kashmir Rejected NC

After losing the Valley to the opposition, the National Conference (NC) must ask itself why people have rejected it. The dynamics in Kashmir have changed over the past two decades, and people cannot be fooled by hollow slogans now. But this does not mean that people love the PDP. Before jumping to conclusions, it must […]

Wave and Landslide

Results of India’s latest elections are further proof of Mammon’s power over a nation’s mind and collective memory, and of how easily the deities of lucre can be invoked to befuddle reason and cloud judgement. The Indian circumstance may have craved for change, but that the masses would opt for any change speaks of their […]